Better access to Onepoto Domain and cycleway

Anyone who has travelled Onewa Rd onto the motorway or Sylvan Ave will have noticed the fabulous bridge for walking and cycling at the bottom of Onewa Road.  There is a nearly continuous shared path from Highbury to this bridge which only requires crossing Onewa Rd itself at the intersection with Lake Road or Queen Street.

One of the bugbears of our patchy network is the path runs out just after this bridge and doesn't connect well to the facilities at Onepoto Domain.

Well today in the Bike Kaipatiki email came a surprise, a win.  While consulting on the pedestrian enhancements at the intersection of Tarahanga Street and Sylvan Ave AT have listened to feedback and agreed to include a 3m wide path to link the new crossing with the bridge and Onepoto Domain.

This is significant not only in what it enables today but also in what it means when the Northcote Safe Cycle Route is finished, Seapath is in and Skypath is in.  It might seem like a small piece right now but it will connect Onepoto to all these projects in future providing better access and more fun!

The drawing is above and the letter to stake holders below.

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