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Bike Kaipatiki have a selection of trained community bike mechanics who volunteer their time to support our Pop-up Bike Hub programme.

Popping up in parks as well as joining community activities you can bring your bike into a pop-up bike hub in Kaipatiki for a safety check and a service.  We can swap out brake pads for V-Brakes and basic caliper brakes, change cables, lubricate the bike, tune gears, adjust brakes and more.

We are not affiliated with any bike shop thus we don't do specialist repairs though we can offer advice on what may be required and where you can go to get the work done.


In addition to our own calendar of events found through our Bike Kaipatiki Facebook group we join community events and can often be found at community repair days and Repair Cafes. If you have an event you think Bike Kaipatiki can help with please fill in the form below and someone will be in touch.


Do you have a bike gathering dust at the back of your garage, shed or under the house?

Is it still working, perhaps needs a tune but it is no longer being ridden?

Perhaps the kids or the grandkids have outgrown it or maybe you've upgraded - whatever the reason you could consider donating it to those in need through Bike Kaipatiki.


We take donated bikes as time and space allows, put them through a safety check and basic service then donate them directly or through Kaipatiki based partner organisations to people who will use them. In addition to mechanical safety we ensure each bike goes out street legal, has a set of safety gear from Auckland Transport and, where required, we source and supply helmets.

If you have a bike to donate please fill in the form below, if you would like to help by volunteering please contact us.


This April we are taking over the car park outside Takapuna RFC for a day to provide bike themed entertainment including:

Bike Maintenance
Second Hand Bike Market
E-bike trials
Smoothie Bikes
Big truck blindspot demonstration
Food & Coffee
Bike skills challenges and more...


Sunday April 28th, 10am to 2pm, Takapuna Rugby Football Club Carpark, Akoranga Drive, Northcote.



Our guided bike rides are aimed at people looking to explore the local cycleways with a friendly supportive group.

Most of the journey will be on cycle routes there will be on road cycle paths, separated cycle paths and small sections on road.

At all times the group will be controlled by ride marshals. We ask that you follow their instructions as they have been tasked with ensuring the group gets to the destination on time, safely and with smiles intact. If you wish to leave the group along the way that is acceptable but please notify one of the marshals.

Riders should be comfortable riding on the road and riding the distance and gradients described for the ride. You will need a road legal bicycle, helmet, your hop card or cash for your ferry fare (if the ride includes a ferry trip), water, sunscreen and appropriate clothing keeping in mind Auckland's changeable weather.


What to bring:

  • Your AT HOP card or ferry fare (if requested)
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Money for coffee/ice cream/stops
  • A roadworthy bike (Not sure about your bike? Bring it along to one of our bike maintenance days!)
  • Your helmet
  • Enclosed footwear
  • Sunscreen
  • A jacket
  • A sense of adventure and your smile

What is a Bike ‘Burb?


Auckland’s big… really big. And it’s full of people who love bikes. In fact, they’re all over the map, which is fantastic – because local action is a key part of making Auckland a more bike-friendly city. Hence the growing collection of Bike Burb groups.


For the past 20 years Bike Auckland has been the key stakeholder for cycling in Auckland and has represented Auckland’s diverse bike community. In 2015, following the establishment of pioneering bike groups, Bike Te Atatu and Bike Devonport, Bike Auckland coined the term “Bike Burb” and launched a programme to establish, support and build capacity for a network of Burbs across the region.


Just as the city itself is a network of villages, Bike Auckland are fostering local groups that focus on making each part of town better for riding a bike (and by extension, walking).



What is Bike Kaipātiki?

Bike Kaipātiki is the local, grass roots representation of Bike Auckland. Our mission is to encourage cycling in the Kaipātiki Local Board area.

We have a diverse member base interested in everything from BMX to mountain biking to commuting to school runs and to competitive riding.

To enable people to enjoy using their bikes around Kaipātiki we…



For better facilities on road to help more people from Kaipātiki get around their community safely while enjoying the freedom going by bike brings.

For more recreational facilities including scenic paths, pump tracks and learn to ride facilities.

For a safer community, particularly around schools and town centres, to encourage trips by bike and create a more enjoyable space to spend time.



By offering regular, free drop in bike safety checks and basic maintenance sessions all over Kaipātiki.

By offering guided rides for all abilities, introducing riders to the various shared paths in and around our community and Auckland.



With people at our various events and public outings.

With our Local Board, MPs and community stakeholders.

With Bike Auckland, Auckland Transport, NZTA and others where appropriate to request better infrastructure in Kaipātiki.


Who is Bike Kaipātiki?

Bike Kaipātiki is run by volunteers who live and/or work in the Kaipātiki Local Board Area. As a community organisation we are reliant on people giving us their time and expertise to allow us to encourage cycling in the community and are grateful to the community as a whole for the positive and supportive reception we have had.

Bike Kaipātiki boasts more than 350 members on Facebook but we connect with a wide range of the community through our summer events programme.

Bike Kaipātiki does not focus entirely on any one form of cycling nor bike tribe and instead is happy to work with, for or along aside any member of the community wanting to cycle.




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